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Mail: 42 Mawson Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EA

Management consultant specialising in change management, organisation design, people development and performance and reward management. Also experienced in programme and project manager, client relationship manager and line manager roles.

Change Management

Designing, planning and leading major business change programmes; developing alignment and capability in sponsors and agents of change; using appropriate communication and involvement approaches and success measures. For example:

  • Change management consultant for complete redesign of manufacturing and new product introduction activities in an electronic components producer
  • Carried out audit and repositioning of manufacturing change programme for a major Indian vehicle manufacturer
  • In project manager role, resolved long-standing priority conflict in outsourced IS group

Benefits achieved include the completion of major change programmes to specification and with full support from affected employees.

Organisation Design

Designing and implementing new organisation structures, roles, and communication approaches. For example:

  • Organisation design consultant for the design and implementation of new organisation structures, roles, working patterns etc. in electronic components manufacturer
  • Lead consultant in a redesign of process, organisation, roles and responsibilities in the retail deposit division of a major clearing bank
  • Organisation design consultant for a complete redesign of product development activities in a major auto and aero systems manufacturer

Benefits achieved include establishing multidisciplinary teamworking in previously traditional functional organisations and improving productivity through improved structures and roles.

People Development

Identifying development needs in individuals and organisations, designing and implementing appropriate development approaches. For example:

  • As Professional Development Manager, responsible for identifying and addressing capability development needs in a consulting division of 1000
  • Responsible for developing change management and organisation design capabilities in approx. 100 aspiring practitioners
  • Led the rollouts of a leadership skills development programme and a proprietary change management approach in a consulting division of 1000

Benefits achieved include more effective use of scarce capability development capacity, and more effective identification and dissemination of best practice.

Performance and Reward Systems Design

  • Instructor and subject matter expert for the implementation of a new performance management system across a consulting division of 1000 staff
  • Lead consultant for the review of an existing reward system as part of a wider change programme in an electronic components manufacturer
  • As Line Manager, responsible for performance management for a group of business and management consultants

Benefits achieved include the successful transplant of a complex performance management system from the US to the UK and measurable improvements in morale and motivation.

Culture Change

Assessing organisational culture and climate, identifying key culture drivers, designing and implementing approaches to establish new leadership styles and organisational cultures.

  • Co-ordination of the development, distribution and analysis of a perception survey across 5,000 employees in an outsourcing and systems integration firm
  • Assessment of culture in a major Indian motor manufacturer as part of a long term change programme
  • Lead consultant and resident culture expert on change programmes where changing organisation culture was a key objective

Benefits achieved include identification and measurement of key cultural drivers, often not recognised, and the modification of change activities to support culture shift objectives.

Education and Employment

  • Hewitt Associates - October 1999 to July 2000 - Managing Consultant (client manager) in a global people development and HR outsourcing consultancy.
  • CSC Computer Sciences Ltd - July 1995 to October 1999 - organisational change specialist, professional development manager, programme manager, client manager and line manager in a global business development and IT outsourcing consultancy.
  • Lucas Engineering and Systems - October 1990 to July 1995 - Consultant working with client teams engaged in the redesign of business systems and processes, working for the consulting division of an international automotive and aerospace systems manufacturer.
  • Lucas / Cambridge University - January 1986 to June 1990 - Sponsored student, working as business consultant for the consulting division of an international auto and aero systems manufacturer. Graduated BA Hons in Engineering in 1989, and MEng in Manufacturing Engineering in 1990.

Personal Details

I was born in Scotland in 1966, and brought up in the country south of Glasgow. I live in a converted Victorian terrace house in central Cambridge with my partner and two young sons. I enjoy the usual mix of travel, food and fine wine, but also have an environmental streak and a pair of well-worn walking boots. I am pretty good with languages and can get by in French, Spanish, German and even English.



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